Where and when we teach


When do you teach?"

- It all depends on our agreement. Usually we are available to teach from 7.30 til 21.00 during working days. If there are unusual needs, we can also provide teaching during weekends.

"When do you start new courses?"

- We do not have any fixed course terms, the commencement of our courses depends on our agreement with the clients.

"Can I start a course also during the year?"

- Yes, of course, we will open a course for you at any agreed time.

"How long does a course last?"

- the length of our courses is not fixed, we will agree the duration of the course with you.

"How long are your lessons?"

- It can be anything from 40 minutes to 60 or 80 minutes. The length of the lesson can be agreed with you.

"How many times per week will I have my lessons?"

- As many as we agree on.

"Where will the teaching take place?"

- We always follow our clients. We teach either in their homes or at their workplaces.

"Are you providing courses for companies directly at their sites?"

- Yes, we are.

About our lessons


Teaching technique