• By the rule of thumb, this language is learned more by women than men. To explain this phenomenon, we would probably need to leave the language territory.


  • It is not only the melody of the language which makes it attractive. It is also a language of people who live in a country full of sunshine, good food and beautiful beaches.


  • This language has some tenses which can not be found neither in Slovak nor in English. Slovak students should be also careful with articles which are very frequent in Italian.


  • Similarly to other languages, one has to be careful with correct accent. It is a great difference to tell the waiter in a restaurant: "Voglio té" / I want some tea /, or "Voglio te" / I want you /.


  • Even though Italian has its difficulties, we can´t say it is too hard to crack.


  • Learning Italian opens the door for you to learn Spanish and Portugal. You will also find it helpful when learning French.