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When I arrived in Bratislava, I had no notion of Slovak language. Because it was for me very important to have rapidly a basement of Slovak language, I contacted Branislav Chovan for personal lessons. We started the lessons based mainly on free speaking about the subject of today's situations of life. His method is adapted on the skill of the student. For me, the lessons were focused mainly on discussions, description of situation and writing all the new words in relation with my business. Within short I could explained in Slovak language all what I wanted. I felt rapidly self confident and had no shame to speak direct to Slovak people. After some months we started to read different newspapers and to comment the news.
It was always a pleasure to get the lessons, because the language learning was dynamic, interactive and always with good mood from Mr Chovan. Another colleague started also lessons recently. The language learning is also running very well for him.

I can only recommend to every one Slovak learning with the method of TelMi Face to Face because I have experienced how good they are adapting the lessons to the needs and skills of every one.

Philippe Riedweg
Deputy General Manager LCE