• Slovaks find this language from the southern part of Europe very attractive. Its melody and the fact that you can almost always find a vowel among any two cosonants make Spanish especially appealing for us.


  • When listenning to this ear-pleasing language one starts to wonder, whether it was really necessary to invent words like "krt", "prst", or "štrnásť" in Slovak.


  • Some years ago, Spanish was mostly studied by turists and entusiasts. Today the situation has changed. there is a growing number of people who want to learn the language also for professional reasons.


  • Even though Spanish has its own pitfalls, it is relatively easy for us to learn. If you decide to invest your time and energy to the language, you will have your investement retuned many times.


  • Not only you will find the doors opend for you in the Middle and Southern Americas, but Spanish will help you also in Europe, to find your way around, in all countries speaking Romanic languages / Italy, Portugal, France, Romania and Switzerland.