Slovak for foreigners

  • Everybody, who decides to learn Slovak with us will be praised right from the beginning for their courage


  • Foreigners ( except for those from Slavic speaking countries) have a great respect for Slovak language, because it does not remind them any language they have heard so far


  • However, after a few lessons, they start discovering the rules of Slovak language and the similarities with their own language


  • Sometimes our students struggle with pronounciation, but this can be an amusing side of the sessions. ( For example, French loose a lot of energy trying to pronounce "krok za krokom", English and Americans are breaking their tongue saying "telefonujem" and Spanish and Danes need to concentrate really hard to pronounce correctly the word "lyžovačka".)


  • Our Slovak language students are well motivated. To live in Slovakia and to be able to speak the language is a good combination. Many students also understand, that if they conquer Slovak language, they will be able to communicate ( more or less ) in all Slavic speaking countries


  • We are very happy to help students to overcome the language barrier which can surround them. It is very rewarding to see them becoming more fluent in Slovak and so be able to build friendships and links with people around them .

.... within their local community.