The method used during the lessons by our teachers is based on our experience. It has been refined by many years of teaching and it is a good foundation for successful learning of any language.

  • Small children use a similar method to learn how to talk. They are repeating everything they hear and they are naming everything they can see around them: people, animals, different things and activities. They listen to the questions of their parents and they answer without thinking about the answer.

  • Our method is similar to child's learning

  • Right from the first lesson, we will speak to you in the foreign language you want to learn. In case you are wondering how it really works try a sample lesson for free and you will see it yourself how effective this strategy is.

  • Our communicative teachers will ask you questions and you will be surprised at your abillity to answer.

  • You will also ask our tutors questions. You might be surprised what an interesting discussion will soon develop.

  • Talking in your chosen foreign language will take about 90% of the lesson. Our experience is that fluent speach is the highest priority of our students.

  • Even though the lessons with TelMi Face to Face are conversational, they are structured. Our
    aim is, that during each lesson the student will learn something new.

  • From the very first lesson we work hard together with you to help you to minimise or completely remove the barriers preventing you from using the foreign language.