Teaching Technique


What is the most important for your teaching?

- We try to make sure our students will start speaking well in the chosen foreign language.

How do you teach grammer?

- We teach grammer using conversation which if focused and has clear and solid rules.

Who are your teachers?

- We have tutors with different qualifications. We try to „match" a tutor for each client depending on their requrements and a level already acquired in their chosen foreign language.

Are you organising also conversation sessions?

- Yes, but we try to make sure, that even conversation lessons do not consist of entirely free conversation. Our aim is to help the student to move forward after each lesson in either vocabulary, grammer, stylistics or syntax.

Do you spend much time with grammer?

- We spend enough time with grammer, depending on the demands of the language. But we try to teach grammer using focused conversation and avoid pure theory.

Are you giving any homeworks?

- It depends on mutual agreement.

Are you explaining grammer in Slovak?

- No, the whole teaching is conducted in the chosen learned language.

How can I understand new words or grammer in a foreign language, if I am not good at it yet?

- It is very simple and we can show it to you at our introductory free lesson. Initially it might look too difficult, but our twelve years' experience proves, that it is possible to teach grammer in the target language right from the beginning.

How do you teach?

- We teach using conversation in combination with our own method.

Are your teachers Slovaks or do you also have native speakers?

- Our teachers are mainly Slovaks, but we cooperate also with native speakers.

Where and when we teach

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