• Until recently, our people were mainly interested in French for fun.


  • Part of the attraction was an opportunity to score among the friends when pronouncing correctly the name of a good French wine. But in reality, we did not expect to have a chance to use French in our everyday life.


  • Other demotivating factors for many potential students were the myths about its difficulty.


  • However, French is now one of the official languages of European Union and Slovakian entry of the Union meant rising opportunities for the use of the language.


  • We also need to mention, that you can use French to find your way around Luxemburg, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, very often also in USA and in many African countries.


  • Students who decide to study French will need to work hard especially at the beginning. As soon as they uncover the mysteries of French pronounciation and understand basic principles of the grammar, they will start enjoying the more pleasant side of the language. This can be, for example, an interesting debate about wine in French.