About our lessons

What materials do you use for teaching?

What is the maximal number of students in a group?

Do you teach also individually?

How are you going to take me on if I don't know precisely which level of the language I am at?

How long will it take until I start speaking in the language?

How do you select students for groups?

When I finish the course, can I get a certificate?

Is your method suitable also for beginners?

How do your lessons look like?

Is your method suitable also for somebody who learned the language before?

What courses and which levels are you opening?

- We have our own materials, which we developed especially for our method.

- There should not be more than 4 students in a group, but it all depends on our mutual agreement. The teaching is the most effective with just one student.

- Yes, very often.

- That is one of the purposes of the free introductory lesson. During the lesson the teacher will find out your level of your chosen language.

- It depends on the individual. If a student attends their 60 minutes lessons twice a week for a year, usually they are able to converse in the language.

- When putting a group together, we do not follow any strict rules. Our experience tells us, that it is useful if people within the group get along well and if they are approximately at the same level of their chosen language.

- Yes, but it only certifies completion of the course with our centre.

- Yes, it is suitable for all levels.

- We talk a lot and we write a little.

- Of course, it makes no difference.

- We are opening courses at all levels, it all depends on our agreement.

Where and when we teach


Teaching technique