About us

TelMi Face To Face - Language centre

Who we are:

  • we are qualified teachers whose aim is to support our clients to learn how to speak a foreign language as fast as possible

What we provide:

as hinted by our name, we would not just stare silently face to face - we will talk we provide sessions full of intensive communication:

How we work:

  • right from the first lesson, we will communicate with you in the language you want to learn
  • we know how to ask you questions so that you can understand us and answer them correctly
  • our students often bring with them an inner enemy - different barriers which prevent them using a foreign language - shyness. Our teaching is aimed at overcoming these barriers right from the beginning
  • once you begin to talk in a foreign language, the confidence starts to build up

Where and when:

  • we provide teaching directly either at the premises of our client's companies or in their homes
  • we have a wide range of availability, and we will do what we can to accommodate the needs of our clients

What we know you want from us:

  • you want us to teach you how to actively use a foreign language
  • you expect us to understand your needs and expectations
  • you appreciate it if we modify the lessons according to your requirements
  • you don't want to get bored at our lessons
  • you expect us not to make the teaching dead serious

What people learned when they chose us:

  • the majority of our clients claim that they learnt to speak their chosen language.
  • for us it means that we have achieved our common goal many of our students broke down barriers which had prevented them from speaking the foreign language
  • many students understood, that the best way to learn a foreign language might not be the fastest or the easiest one
  • many students realised that having applied their selves and reached their goal, opened a doorway to learning other languages

What we have learned from you and incorporated into our teaching strategies:

  • from our clients we learned how to understand their needs and expectations
  • we know that not everybody can learn new language with the same speed, therefore we try to adjust the pace of teaching to satisfy the needs of each student
  • we also found out, that some students want to see us only before 8 am, while others would never have enough of language during their lunch break, but there are also others who prefer to concentrate on their studies in the evening - we will try to do as much as we can to fulfil your preferences
  • we know that your primary aim is to be able to speak fluently in the language of your choice and that is exactly the focus of our lessons
  • we are always mindful that students have different learning styles and may favour reading, writing or verbal methods of learning and adjust our sessions accordingly
  • there are students who would not stop coming until they have learned the language fluently, there are those who want to be prepared just for one interview or meeting, but there are also those who come only occasionally, just to enjoy the lesson and to make sure they don't forget what they had learned. We try to meet all expectations

What you would not be able to do:

  • during our lessons, you cannot use other language than the one you are learning
  • you cannot passively sit through the lesson, out teaching method would simply not allow you to do it